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Midland Homecrafters believes in excellence. It’s as simple as that. You’ll see our commitment to service and craftsmanship in our remodeling and design work in the major high-traffic rooms of your home. The less flashy rooms in your home are crucial to the overall enjoyment of your home life. Rooms like the basement, home office, and even the laundry room can all be remodeled or redesigned to make your home feel truly complete. Additionally, expert design in rooms like these can increase your home’s value and also are key bonus features that may excite prospective buyers when it comes time to sell your home.

The Home Office: A New Essential Room
With more and more jobs going fully or partially remote, a home office or partial home office has become basically essential. We provide remodels or redesigns of current space to incorporate a fully functional home office into the existing home space. This can take shape in many forms. It can mean remodeling a current room into a home office, or a redesign of a room to serve as a home office that can also serve other functional uses. Our goal is to work with you to build a home office that serves that exact purpose you and your work need.

Laundry Rooms Transformed
​The laundry room is a basic, functional room that every home needs. However, a simple remodel or redesign can transform this basic room to fit specific needs and to make the room as enjoyable as possible. For example, by installing a stacked washer/dryer unit, the laundry room can be opened up to become a place for additional storage and a separate area for folding. Shelving and a sink can be added on top of a floor washer/dryer unit to create a folding space. Cabinets can be installed overhead to take maximum advantage of the space. Basically, a laundry room will never be an exciting room in the home, but it can be redesigned to make the most of this necessary space.

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Time to Get Creative with Your Remodel

Working From Home? Why Not Add a Tailored Home Office?

Basement Finishing: Expect Payback
If your home’s basement is unfinished or finished but goes unused, you’re basically sitting on wasted square footage. We see an unfinished basement as a blank canvas for you to build the value of your home, both for you as the current home owner and to immediately increase the resale value. Finishing a basement immediately grows the value of your home through increased livable square footage. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual survey, the average basement project provides 75 cents on the dollar return on investment nationally.

Finishing or remodeling a basement offers unlimited opportunities. Most notably, a new bedroom and bath can be added, exponentially increasing the value of your home. Adding a bed and bath can make your home highly more attractive to buyers and, of course, also offers more living space for you and your family or guests. A basement can also offer the potential for functional space tailored to your family’s needs and wants. A playroom for children can provide a sanctuary for them to play and can be designed as an incredible dream space. Having this play space can be especially important as more and more parents are working from home in the main home space. It can also serve as a den for families with older children, used as a home office, or, of course, designed into the illustrious “man cave.” With more and more children choosing to live with their parents for periods of time after graduating, a finished basement can be crucial for providing that option. 

In Midland, there is sunshine year round. You can take advantage of the climate by adding a sunroom to your home or remodeling existing space to become a place to soak of the Texas sunshine. These rooms are seen as a luxury and can increase the value of your home as well as catch the eyes of prospective homeowners as a “standout” from other homes they may view. 

The Value of Custom Cabinetry
​The addition of custom cabinetry has one of the highest returns on investment ratios of any minor home interior project. Cabinetry truly sets the tone for the entire kitchen. Imagine stepping into someone’s kitchen for the first time. While appliances and countertops are certainly noticeable, cabinetry sets a luxury kitchen apart from one that is simply a nice kitchen. Custom cabinets have become a staple in many kitchens, both for the high-end look they give to the entire space, as well as their ability to tailor storage to your specific needs. Our superb cabinet selection comes from only the finest cabinet designers that use only top of the line materials. We offer one of the largest selections of custom cabinet options. From our selection of materials, styles, shades, and accessories like cabinet knobs, our offerings for custom cabinets in Midland, Texas simply can’t be beat.