What are Your Exterior Options?

At Midland Homecrafters, we our best known for excellence in home interior work, specifically remodels. We also are proud to offer a wide range of home exterior work to increase the value and curb appeal of your home. Outdoor living in Midland, Texas is a treasured, time-honored pastime. Because of the climate and Southwestern sense of community, spending time outdoors is very important to most homeowners. We can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal with best-in-class vinyl siding, or increase the usable living space of your home with the addition of a deck, patio, or screen-in porch. We are proud to be among the top deck builders in Midland, Texas. No matter how big or small your home interior project may be, our expert team is here to transform your home inside and out.

Upgrade Your Home with a Screened-In Porch

With the addition of a deck, we commonly speak to homeowners about whether or not they would like a screened-in porch on part of or all of the deck space. A screened-in porch provides an element of privacy and protection from the elements. It can also help protect furniture and gives the ability to add curtains for additional privacy if your home has close neighbors.

Boost Curb Appeal with New Vinyl Siding

We work with homeowners to instantly boost their home’s value and curb appeal by adding vinyl siding in Midland, Texas homes. We only use the best-in-class materials that are installed with the utmost skill level and attention to detail. Vinyl siding is an excellent way to protect your home from the elements. It is easy to clean and care for while retaining its value over the years.

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Reasons to Add a Deck to Your Home

We believe that a home is never completely finished. There are always new options for redesign, remodels, and additions. Adding a deck is a very simple way to increase the livable space your home offers, with open access to the outdoors. There are many reasons that homeowners choose to add a deck to their home. No matter the reason you consider adding a deck, it adds immediate value to the home, both in resale value and in the enjoyment you receive from this extra space.

A few reasons the homeowners we work with choose to add a deck include:

• Hosting or Solo Tranquility. The most obvious reason that homeowners choose to add a deck to their home is for the social element. A deck offers an open space to enjoy events with family and friends. Barbeques, birthday parties, holiday parties, and on and on – there are endless events that make a deck the perfect gathering space. A deck also has the often-hidden benefit of offering the tranquility of the outdoors without having to leave your home. It is perfect to enjoy a morning cup of coffee, a good book, or to take yourself to what feels like a separate location for dinner, without ever leaving the house. The weather in Midland offers basically year-round opportunities to enjoy time on a gorgeous outdoor deck built by Midland Homecrafters.
• Increased Home Value. Naturally, a deck offers a great return on investment in the form of increasing your home’s market value. Whether you are looking to sell in the near future or are looking at projects to do now that will boost your home’s value down the road, a deck will always add value.
• Inexpensive Project with a Short Timeline. Compared to other remodeling projects we provide to homeowners, the addition or expansion of a deck has a very high return on investment with a very short timeline to completion. Many homeowners choose to start building their deck at the end of the winter months, ensuring it will be completed by the time mid-spring rolls in.
• Bigger Home. Adding a deck actually grows the livable square footage of your home. It provides more space for a growing family to spread out. A deck is also the perfect connector between the interior of the home and the backyard, making it perfect for families with children. It creates a new space for your home at a relatively low cost and short timeline. 

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